Cinemabox for iOS Free Download 2019 | Download Cinemabox on iPhone, and iPad

Cinemabox for iOS: Hi there, I have written in my earlier post about how to install cinemabox apk on your Android phone and how to use it for watching movies. In this article, I am going to show how you can use this app to watch movies/TV series on your iPhone. The Cinemabox is a wonderful app, that lets you watch movies online for free of cost. So, if you are a movie lover and do not want to spend any money on the Netflix or Amazon Prime Video Subscription, then you can simply install the Cinemabox app to enjoy free movie watching experience. The iPhone users will not find this app in their ios app store and to use cinema box in user iPhone, you will have to download this app by using a unique trick. I am going to share the way to enjoy Cinemabox on iOS devices.

Now when I said a ‘trick”, I didn’t mean you will have to do something extraordinary. I am going to share one simple method, that’ll help you to install the Cinemabox app on iOS. By following the method mentioned in this post, you’ll be able to run Cinemabox APK on iOS and enjoy the movies and tv series streaming for free of cost. So, without wasting time, we will check out the method to install the Cinemabox iOS.

Before sharing the Method to install Cinema box app on iPhone or iPad, you should check out all of the features of this fantastic app.

Cinemabox iOS | Cinemabox on iOS download

As I said earlier, there are many apps, but you will not find any app more useful than cinemabox ios. I am using this app on my iPhone, and I can tell you with hundred percent that the cinemabox iOS is the best app when it comes to watching an online movie/TV series. The interface you will get with this app is just excellent, and no movie lover will hate this app.

Before proceeding to the installation procedure of the Cinemabox on iOS, you should check out all of the features of this fantastic app. This will help you to get the best experience while using the app because you’ll know all of the interesting characteristics of this app.


  • Cinemabox ios is a great app for all those peoples who love to watch movies online without taking any hard effort you will find tons of movies in this app.
  • There are many big apps which require lots of user information before installing an app, but that Cinemabox iOS does not give importance to those kinds of hectic requirements.
  •  The interface of this app is excellent. Even an average Joe could use it without anyone’s help unless he forgot his email id’s password.
  • I have seen many peoples who love to stream movies only, and they are not interested in downloading the movie. Well, cinemabox ios have taken care of those requirements also, and it gives user both options to download or stream a movie.
  • While watching a movie, I require subtitle more than anything and especially when I am watching a foreign language film. Cinema box ios give you the option to download subtitle for a particular movie which you are willing to watch.
  • Cinemabox iOS is available for every platform, and every user of the different operating system can use this app efficiently.
  • Well, I am not supposed to say this but this app is addictive because of its excellent feature, and if you’re truly a movie fan then you will not resist yourself from watching more than one movie.
  • The cinemabox HD iOS is free to download and use. You’ll not be asked to pay a dime to look at the movies and TV shows. It is a free to use the app and can save your money you spend on watching movies in theaters or spending on the Premium subscriptions of TV show streaming sites.

Cinemabox on iOS | Install Cinemabox on iPad and iPhone

The Installation of the Cinemabox app on the iOS devices is not complicated as you may think. Unfortunately, the Cinemabox app is not available on the iOS, so we have to try a workaround, which will help us to install the APK file of the Cinemabox on iOS 9 and 10. If you are using an iPhone or the iPad with iOS 9 and 10, then you should check this post as we are going to share the method to install Cinemabox on iPhone and iPad quickly.

  • To install the Cinemabox App on iOS, you’ll need the APK file on the app, as the Cinemabox is not officially available on the App Store. You can download the Cinemabox App APK for iOS from this link.
  • After downloading the Cinemabox app apk, locate the app. Most of the times, the downloaded files are located in the “Downloads” folder.
  • Once you’ve confirmed that the Cinemabox apk for iOS is in the Downloads Folder, then open the Apple App Store on your smartphone.
  • In the App Store, search for “Android Emulator” and download the First Search Result. The Android Emulator App for iOS will help you to run the Cinemabox HD apk on iOS devices very quickly.
  • Now, Install the Android Emulator on your smartphone from the App Store.
  • Find the APK file that we’ve downloaded earlier and tap on the APK file. The APK will directly open with the Android Emulator.
  • The Android Emulator will open all of the APK files on your iOS device. You can open any other APK file on your iOS smartphone with this app.

This is it! That’s how you can quickly install the APK file on your iOS device like iPad or the iPhone.

Final words on cinemabox HD on iOS

Well, this is how you can install Cinemabox HD on iOS. The process is nothing similar to the rocket science and pretty easy to follow for any newbie. If you are a newbie, then you’ll find following this method very easy. I hope you’ll try this method to install the Cinema box HD app on iOS and enjoy live streaming of Movies and TV series on the go. While following this method, if you face any problem, then make sure you make a comment below so we can help you to solve the issue pretty quickly.

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